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Welcome to Tribute Kiosk

Tribute Kiosk is a fun way of capturing memories for your wedding. Our touch screen solution allows for guests to easily record their video messages or take pictures at your wedding through the whole evening. kiosk collageWe have created a solution that allows you to control all aspects of help along with your wedding. You can choose how much or how little of our solution you want to use for your wedding.

Capture Video Messages

Our independent video kiosks can be deployed at your wedding and allows your guests to leave video and text messages for you throughout your whole wedding. Our unattended kiosk can sit at the lobby or the entrance of the wedding hall where your guests can view the slideshow of your pictures. They can simply touch the screen and record a video message in for you with ease. As part of our services, we will provide you with all the video messages in High Definition format on DVDs so you can view and include them in your wedding video as well. animated kiosk The videos will automatically be uploaded to your wedding site as well and can be viewed on your wedding website.

Wedding Website

We provide number of features and functionality on our website designed to enhance planning your wedding. You can benefit from online RSVP for your wedding, sending out email invitations, photo album and more. All these features and functionalities can be used by creating a complimentary account. It is all available to you at no cost; you don't need to rent the kiosk in order to benefit from the great tools available to you.

We have created this website to allow you to save on paper and money. Please think of the environment and try to have a green wedding.

Seating Arrangement

Would you like to let the guests know where they are sitting? You can let the guests find their seating arrangement through the kiosk. You can simply manage the seating arrangements through our website and allow the guests find their seats by visiting the kiosk upon entering the venue. With this feature you don't need to have place cards printed for your wedding. All of it is done electronically and managed through our website.

Enhanced Functionality

Our kiosk can do more than just capture video messages. Find out more about the kiosk and how it can benefit your wedding.

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